Statement of compliance

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The safety of navigation is of paramount concern to the Port of Lancaster to ensure that the interests of the navigation in its entirety, its users, the public and the environment are safeguarded.

In preparation for the implementation of the requirements of the Code, the Port of Lancaster conducted a review of its operations. The purpose of the review was to carry out risk assessments for the Port of Lancaster’s activities to determine existing hazards and to identify possible hazards and subsequently the procedures and control measures in place which control the identified hazards to an acceptable level. The review included input from the Port of Lancaster staff; operators, users and statutory bodies together with pilots, boatmen and service providers , to ensure the widest possible perspective of risk. The conclusions reached were considered by public consultation with the stakeholders, and acted upon where deemed appropriate.

The system subsequently adopted by the Port of Lancaster and described in this document was based on the findings of the review. It has been designated as the Port of Lancaster “Integrated Management System”. It draws together the existing safety policy, plans and procedures of the Port of Lancaster, for all its functions, into an overall system which the Port of Lancaster intends to audit periodically and formally review every 5 years. The intention behind the system is to ensure that risks arising in the Port of Lancaster marine operations are identified and assessed and that controls are introduced which reduce the risk to a level which is as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP). The system extends to the assessment of any changes in the business which alter the company’s risk profile, thus prompting a review and where necessary requiring new assessments to be undertaken.

The system recognises that the Port of Lancaster Board is the ultimate Duty Holder in terms of accountability. The Board has appointed a “Designated Person” to advise the Board on matters affecting marine safety.

The system also recognises the need for interaction with users to ensure an effective and adaptable approach to marine safety management. This will be achieved through regular user meetings and a consultation process on changes to policy which includes all users. It is not possible to publish the Port of Lancaster Integrated Management System in full.

A copy of this summary will be displayed on the Port of Lancaster web site and any amendments to the system will be published and brought to the attention of relevant persons. It is expected that the system described above, which recognises the importance of a proactive approach to Marine Safety, will help the Port of Lancaster to develop further its reputation with a vested interest in the safe and efficient running of the docks.

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