Port Information

Glasson Dock is a tidal port with an enclosed dock and an hydraulically operated ‘flap’ gate. 

The Dock Gate at Glasson is operated to LIVERPOOL (Gladstone) Tide times, and generally opens 45 minutes before High Water, and is closed at High Water.

The Dock gate is only operated once per day, on the tide with High Water nearest to noon (local time).  Any vessel or craft wishing to enter the dock from the River on night-time tides must give 48 hours’ notice to the Port Office or Harbour Master.


Terminal Reference: 0001

VHF Working Channel: 69

VHF is only manned whilst the Dock Gates are open

Address of Port Office: Lancaster Port Commission

West Quay

Glasson Dock



United Kingdom

Telephone Contacts:

Port Office 01524 751724

Chief Executive (PFSO) Elsabe White 07875 740251

Harbour Master Justin Denham 07487 512333

E-mail: elsabe.white@lancasterport.org

Legislation Compliance

ISPS Certificate No. DfT/eCert/P20180105-325

Port Waste Plan Approval Date: 24/08/2021 (Valid for 3 Years)

OPRC OSCP Plan Approval Date: 03/03/2020 No: 3303 (Valid for 5 Years)

PMSC Marine Operations Plan/Safety Management System

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