River Lune NtoM 003-2018

7th February 2018

Mariners are advised that the River Lune No 7 Buoy has been replaced on station.  This cancels NtoM 001-2018.

River Lune NtoM 002-2018

4th January 2018

Mariners are advised that due to poor light conditions over recent weeks, the lights on the River Lune No’s 4 and 9 buoys are currently unreliable.

River Lune NtoM 001-2018

4th January 2018

Mariners are advised that River Lune No 7 Buoy is missing from station.

This cancels NtoM 011-2017.

River Lune NtoM 016-2017

5th December 2017

Mariners are advised that the River Lune No 5 Buoy is currently unlit.

You are advised to proceed with caution in this area.

River Lune NtoM 013-2017

30th October 2017

Glasson Dock Sea Gate – Winter Opening

Mariners are advised that as from 1st November 2017 the Dock Gate will only be manned, as a matter of course, on one tide per day.  That tide will be high water nearest to midday.  Any vessels wishing to enter or leave the Port outside these tides will have to contact the Harbour Master by telephone on 01524 751724 and give 24 hours ‘notice of arrival or departure.  This notice can only be given in normal office hours, i.e. between 0900 and 1700 hrs, Monday to Friday.

Please note that should any vessels/yachts arrive without prior notice and moor on the East or North Wall berths, the Lancaster Port Commission will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage that could occur to the vessels/yachts.

Please note that Winter Opening Hours will remain in force until 1 May 2018.

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