Leisure Passage Plan

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1. Yachts arriving at the River Lune No 1 Buoy, a West Cardinal Buoy, should not proceed up to Glasson until 1 ½ hours before High Water on Spring Tides and 1 ¼ hours before High Water on Neap Tides.

High Water is the same time as at Liverpool (Gladstone).

2. The Port and Pilot Boat work on VHF Channel 69.  Port personnel are normally on standby from 1 ½ hours before High Water.

3. Flood Tides flow strongly in the River Lune.  On the flood, a SE’ly current sets strongly across the outer channel when the flats are covered.  The flood sets strongly SE onto Plover Scar.  In Sunderland Hole, the flood sets Easterly.  These tides can run at 5 knots on springs.  Off Glasson Dock, the tide runs strongly Easterly but there is a Westerly eddy close to the dock entrance.

4. Masters should be aware that the channel from Plover Scar to Glasson Dock is subject to change, and they must be prepared to vary their course from the charted channel to seek out the deepest water.  In doing so, it may be necessary to cross and re-cross the training walls on the north side of the channel.

5. Under normal circumstances Glasson Dock Gate is open ¾ hour before High Water and closed at High Water.  High Water at Glasson Dock is the same as at Liverpool (Gladstone).

6. The Dock Gate is only open on the HW nearest to noon (local time), unless prior arrangements are made with the Harbour Master or Port Office giving 48 hours’ notice.

7. There are no safe, low water berths on the outer quay walls at Glasson.

8. It is not possible to anchor in the river off Glasson Dock, as it virtually dries out at Low Water.

9. The channel is subject to change and yachts should proceed with the utmost caution at all times.

10. The maximum speed for any vessel or craft entering the dock is 4 knots.

11. Masters of yachts should observe the International Collision Regulations in the Pilotage area.

12. Small Craft which are not confined to the fairway shall not make use of the fairway so as to cause obstruction to other vessels that can navigate only in the fairway.

13. Advice should be sought from the Port Authority, before transiting the dock at neap tides, with regard to depth of water.  Caution should be used during transit.

14. Traffic signals are shown from Glasson Dockhead West side as follows:

Fixed Red LightNo Entry

Fixed Green LightEntrance Clear

Flashing Orange LightDock Gate Opening or Closing

15. It is dangerous to proceed down river any later than 1 hour after High Water.


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