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The Lancaster Port Commission is the Statutory Harbour Authority for the Port of Lancaster, which now operates commercially from Glasson Dock on the north west coast of England at 54º 00′ 023″ N, 002º 51′ 021″ W.  Glasson Dock is a tidal port with a fifteen metre wide gate access to the inner dock and two commercial river berths which dry out at Low Water.

The Lancaster Port Commission is a Competent Harbour Authority under the 1987 Pilotage Act and a Local Light Authority.

The Lancaster Port Commission is responsible for ensuring the safety of vessels navigating within the harbour area through the provision and maintenance of Aids to Navigation and a Pilotage Service.  The Lancaster Port Commission also owns and operates the Walney Light, situated at South End, Walney Island, Barrow in Furness.

Although the main port use is commercial, leisure vessels transit the enclosed dock to access the inland waterway network via the Glasson branch of the Lancaster Canal, and the British Waterways Marina situated in the canal basin.

Leisure users are encouraged to obtain up-to-date navigational information from the Port Authority before entry to the port and transiting the dock.

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